Cliff South and Cleo Prospects

Allamber Project

Allamber also offers investment upside to uranium exploration at the Cliff South and Cleo uranium prospects. A small JORC inferred resource (JORC 2004) of 1.4 million tonnes at 304 ppm (0.7 lb/t) U3O8 for just under 1 million pounds (~425 tonnes) of contained U3O8 was delineated at Cleo well before the 2011 downturn in the uranium market and sentiment.

Drilling programs at Cliff South continue to extend the boundaries of the known uranium mineralisation which remains open in all directions.

Intercepts from exploration programs to date include:

  • TAL062RC: 42m at 611 ppm (1.3lb/t) U3O8 including 8m at 1,579 ppm (3.5lb/t) U3O8
  • TAL063RC: 21m at 682 ppm (1.5lb/t) U3O8 including 9m at 1,055 ppm (2.3lb/t) U3O8
  • TAL107RC: 49m at 787ppm (1.7lb/t U3O8 including 17m at 1,286ppm (2.8lb/t) U3O8 and 0.06% Cu
  • TAL108RC: 17m at 974ppm (2.1lb/t) U3O8 and 0.15% Cu

This target’s potential is underpinned further by the tenor of the mineralisation which has so far delivered grades up to one assay value of 6,571ppm (14.5lb/t) U3O8 over a 1m interval.

The presence of copper mineralisation in association with the uranium makes Cliff South a priority target. A topographic high, coincident with a gravity low anomaly, adjacent to the known mineralisation remains a high priority target for future exploration programs. A deep diamond drill hole is contemplated to test below this feature for the possible presence of a mineralised porphyry body.

Allamber_Reg Cliff South Drilling X4 20131023 CliffSouth_Schematic